The Widowed Word

Dia Daoibh, a Chairde, (Hello Friends)

   Many years ago, I was suddenly left widowed with a new born baby to look after and love.  That same year, I also lost my parent to illness. It would seem that Bereavement, (or Death to give its’ stark name) was determined to accompany me on many exhausting and yet self-defining journeys. I do not appreciate the agony death ensured I long-felt, but I understood the “residue of resilience” it gradually created in its’ wake.


Those Moments Alone

   This ‘residue of resilience was illustrated by the many brave individuals who willingly shared their personal and difficult life stories with me so I could create a thesis dedicated to advancing widowed young research in Ireland. Their words were fundamental building blocks that enabled this work to come to fruition. In short, giving of their thoughts  and time so freely made all the difference.

   Hence, I have uploaded a copy here, so that anyone who is interested in gaining a realistic understanding of the experiences and challenges many young widow and widower parents endure can have such insight at their fingertips.

This work is focused on ‘parental’ elements of widowhood, I wish I could have included all aspects but sadly it was not possible but perhaps others in the future would better address the other aspects which I could not.

Slán agus beannacht/Warmest regards,

Dr.  Martin-Hodgins

Hope is in our Hands

 Hands of HOPEAn Honest Approach, Open-Mindedness, Positive steps & Emotional & Social Well-Being.

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